Sammy is up for Adoption!

Published on May 29, 2016

We took our time deciding if we should put Sammy up for adoption as we wanted to be really sure that it was the right choice to re-home our dog before proceeding. Unfortunately we do need to do it for the better of Sammy. 

A bit about Sammy:

She's a cross breed of Shar Pei, Great Pyrenees, Black Lab and Golden Retriever. She just turned 6 in April 2016. 

The good: 

Sammy is a great dog and very loyal/protective of her family. Generally has good manners and loves to go for a good hike but also loves lazy days in the backyard. She's very social and likes to be near her humans as much as possible. We were never successful in kennel training, so she has always had free reign of the house with very few issues (loves to eat the cat food).

Things to work on:

She is afraid of water, unless it's on her own terms. So no playing with hoses, sprinklers or even splashing in her water dish as it spooks her. We never in a cruel way exposed her to water, it's how she has been from the start. Loud noises do bother her lot as well. Sirens from ambulances, fire trucks and police cars cause her to spook. For example, if she's in the back yard when one of those goes by and no one is near to calm her she tends to jump the fence. Which leads us to another thing. She is a bit of an escape artist in that she can get over a 6' tall fence. Usually only an issue when something spooks her but something to be aware of. 

She really is a great dog but she deserves more than we are able to give her at this time. She is great with kids, cats and other dogs (is a dominant personality). We would like to see her go to a home with some space to run around. 

If you're interested in meeting Sammy, please call:
Val Hynes @ (250) 870-2324

Leo is up for Adoption!

Published on Nov 16, 2015

Leo is still hanging out with us at The Spotted Spa Retreat . He received a hair cut from Donna at The Groom Room Pet Grooming & K9 Dental Care Vernon and has since become quite spunky and full of life. We have shed those extra pounds off of him so he is looking svelte and ready to meet his new family. Please share Leo's info so we can find a place for him to rest his head before winter comes.

Leo is currently being fostered by The Spotted Spa Retreat. For more information please call (250)765-0405 or email


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