Thanks for checking out The Spotted Spa, the first outdoor daycare and free-run kennel in Kelowna, having opened our doors to our first fur-kid, Harley, in 2003. 

Our guests have four fully fenced acres to rip around on while they visit with us, whether it be just for the day or for a sleep over. The Spotted Spa really is a retreat for your fur-kids. In the summer they can lounge in our pools and sun-tan their days away. And, in the winter the can bury themselves in the snow and enjoy themselves taking out us humans on the slippery hills. But, the spring is the most fun for our guests... Oh, the mud... The lovely mud!!! Don't worry though, we have a bathing service to make sure your fur kids are cleaned up and ready to go home!

All of our CEOs (Canine Executive Officers) have their Pet First Aid through DogSafe Canine First Aid. Please feel free read more about The Spa and the CEOs on our About Page.




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