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The Spotted Spa requires that all guests fill out some paperwork prior to their visit. If your pet is having troubles filling out the forms, feel free to fill it out for them. These consent forms not only contain some pertinent 'legalese', but also lets us get to know our furry friends before their stay here. This helps us prepare for each guests personal needs. Please download and print these forms, fill them out and bring them with you to your first visit. test

Consent Form for Humans - please fill out the front and read and sign page 2.

Consent Form for Dogs - please fill out one per pet.

Consent Form for Cats - please fill out one per pet.

Consent Form for Senior Guests - if your pet is over eight (8) years old please also fill out both pages of this form.

Healthy Pet Warranty Program - an additional insurance policy that can be purchased through us at drop off for only $5 per guest per day.

Healthy Pet Warranty Program - Claim Form - If you have purchased the Healthy Pet Warranty for your pet’s stay and need to make a claim please print off this form, fill it out and either email or mail it to the Spotted Spa.

Sample Sleepover Consent Form - This is only a sample; This form will be waiting for you to sign at each and every sleepover checkin.


*Please note that the Spot Cards are non-transferable and non-refundable.


All prices include applicable sales taxes...what you see is what you pay!

(Prices as of July 15th, 2019)

Daycare Info:

Full Day*
First Guest
  Each Additional Sibling
* Up to 13 hours  
1/2 Day *
First Guest
Each Additional Sibling
* Up to 5 hours  
Healthy Pet Warranty Program, (per guest)
Sleepover Info:
First Guest
Each Additional Sibling
Each Additional Sibling with Shared Accommodation

Healthy Pet Warranty Program, (per guest, per day)

  • Please Bring bedding and meals, but leave bowls and leashes at home.
  • Pickup time is noon. If you pickup after noon, 1/2 daycare rates apply.
  • For every 10 consecutive nights, the 11th night is FREE! Or prepay for 10 sleepovers and receive the 11th FREE. After 21 nights, there is a reduction in price.
  • Medication will be given free of charge as per your direction.
  • 'Sibling' refers to guests of the same owner.


Cat Condos:

Introducing Cat Boarding!

Cat Sleepover
Second Cat Sleepover
Cat Late Pick Up
Second Cat Late Pick Up
After-Hours Fees:

Early Drop Off*

30min Before Open
Tim Horton’s
Earlier than 30min Overnight Charge

Late Pick Up*

15min After Close $5
Later than 15min Overnight Charge

*Staff reserves the right to deny these services at any time due to schedule conflicts

K9 Shuttle Info:
Please note, the Shuttle is not available on weekends.
Option 1 – Three scheduled stops
 First Guest
 Addl.’l Guest
Morning Time & Route:  Evening Time & Route:
7:30 am
Parkinson Rec. Centre
4:30 pm
Parkinson Rec. Centre
8:00 am
Capital News Centre
5:00 pm
Capital News Centre
Doggytopia - 8 am pickup, 4 pm drop off:
  • Dogs can be dropped off at Doggytopia (1054 Ellis St) between 6:30 to 8:00 am for an 8:00 am pick up. Your dogs will be dropped back off at Doggytopia at 4:00 pm and can be picked up there before 6:30 pm.
 Option 2 – Door to door
Ellison / Quail Ridge
Rutland / Dilworth
Glenmore / Springfield / Spall
KGH Area / Downtown
Lower Mission / East Kelowna
Upper Mission / Winfield / Westside Marina Area
Oyama / West Kelowna
Vernon / Glenrosa
* All pricing for door to door is one way and per stop, 24 hours notice is required to reserve a suite in the shuttle.
Bath Prices:
Small Guest
Med. Guest
Large Guest
X-Large Guest
Brush and Blowout
Nail Trim
24 hrs. notice appreciated.
Wedding Packages:

Do you want Spot in the wedding without the worries ?


Classic Wedding Package

  • Two overnight stays
  • Deluxe bath
  • Delivery to and from the photo shoot* on the wedding day

(2 dogs for $275)


Deluxe Wedding Package

  • Two overnight stays
  • Deluxe bath
  • Delivery to and from the photo shoot* on the wedding day
  • Pick-up and delivery from your home on our K9 Shuttle

(2 dogs for $325)


Areas serviced are from West Kelowna to Oyama. Please inquire for rates regarding other areas of the Okanagan.

Please pre-book at least one month in advance as all bookings are on a first come first serve basis.

*Or location of your choosing, including up to 30 minutes of driving time each way and 30 minutes on location. Additional driving or location time is billed at $45/hr.

• All prices include applicable sales taxes...what you see is what you pay!
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